Monday, 23 January 2012

How to Play MP4 Files on Your Xbox 360

I recently purchased a GoPro HD2 and what a fine piece of equipment it is too! The GoPro records the video in MP4 format and by default the Xbox 360 won't play this format (even though it claims it does).

After numerous fails to convert the files to AVI (a format that is supported), it turns out all you need to do is change the file extension from MP4 to AVI. Hey presto, it shows up on the Xbox now!

File Transfers with Android - FTPDroid

After coming back from a great snowboarding holiday in Les Deux Alpes, I had loads of photos and videos that I needed to move from my Android tablet to my home PC.

I present to you FTPDroid.

It's a cracking little app that turns your android device into an FTP server. You connect your FTP client to it and off you go. It works a treat when you have large numbers of files to transfer and you don't have time to sit there while they move across your network.