Saturday, 11 December 2010

Generate Bulk Data

Came across this little puppy the other day to generate bulk data. It's pretty sweet, you can specify what you want and can modify the format of the output.

Good work guys!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

QR Codes in .NET

I really like the idea of QR codes. I can see so many ways of using them - they excite me ;)

This guy is knocking out a sweet little .NET library to create/encode and decode qr codes. It's open source and ready to go.

This is a nice quick and easy QR code builder that will create a code for you in the meantime and you could use runtime from a site/app you work on.

TechyGypo is a Twit(ter)

Thought I'd sign up myself up a twitter account. @techygypo it is!


I didn't realise that ISNUMERIC('123 £') returns 1 - did you? If you didn't either then I'd suggest you read this article Why doesn't ISNUMERIC work correctly? by Jeff Moden on

Taken from the article, the easiest test is to use a regular expression:

FROM mytable
WHERE mytable.mycolumn NOT LIKE '%[^0-9]%'

There is also a useful function he has written that could prove to be handy.

Thanks Jeff. Think I'd better re-trace some steps to make sure scripts using ISNUMERIC are a bit tighter!